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 Short Bio:
  Producer, composer, keyboardist Andrew Crowley is probably best somewhat known as the frontman of the 90s alternative rock band, Fat Tuesday, who released three albums between 1989-1995. Their last one, Everybody’s Got One, contained 2 hit songs, High & Low, and Winter Storm which were very successful on commercial-alternative, rock & college radio in North America, Europe, and Japan. They toured heavily, mostly through the United States, and we’re on many bills with other top alternative artists of that of the day like L7, Dinosaur Jr, Soul Asylum,  The Goo Goo Dolls, Everclear, The Cows, and Letter To Cleo, and many others. He’s also either performed or worked with in various capacities a wide variety of other musical heroes, including Iggy Pop, Elvin Bishop, Glen Campbell, Glenn Fry, Joan Jett, John Mayhall, America, NSYNC and many more.
  Crowley owned and operated 2 recording studios. 1988 to 1992 he ran Ear Illusion recording studio in Minneapolis and closed it when Fat Tuesday had signed with a major label, Red Decibel/Columbia.  At the same time, he became a songwriter for Famous Music Publishing.  In 1998 he started Organica Recording in St Paul, which is still in operation.
  In 2003, he became the organist and musical director for the St. Paul Saints, a baseball team which is owned in part by actor, Bill Murray. Their seasonal attendance is over 400,000.
During some of these games, he will occasionally perform live with a wide range of  musical guests including, Joe Piscopo, Har Mar Superstar, Prof, Haley Bonar, William Michael Morgan, Frankie Lee, P.O.S.,
  He’s worked on thousands of recordings for music albums and demos,  several radio and television commercials, theatrical productions, and movies. In addition to the major-label releases as a recording artist, other musical highlights include being on Pearl Jam’s, Live At The Garden, and producing a BMA nominated record for Sena Ehrhardt, Leave The Light On at the soundtrack to a feature documentary, For The Fun Of The Game which will be released in 2018.


Some more recent listings can be found on All Music .

Here’s a partial credit list below;

Producer – Engineer – Mixer – Instrumentalist – Composer – Arranger –AMAdditional Mixing


Hrossa EP- E, M

Clocks And Clouds-E,M

Global Prarie Rock- E,M,P

Moustache Jim & the Straight Razors , Hell Of A Year-E,M,P,I

Taylor Robert Baggott- Whispering Eye-  M

Romee-single-Right And Wrong- E,M,P

quitters go to meetings-the grey dust P,E,M

Diane Martinson- E,M

The Prayer-single Fynnigan- Nothing Comes To Mind P,M,E

Taylor Baggott –  Pick Me Up EP C

Romee-Long Distance Runaround single-P,M,E,I

(Long Distance Runaround/Old Case) Sena Ehrhardt Band -Leave The Light On P, E,  M Blind Pig Records

Robinson Caruso Organization-Love Debt- I (Piano, Hammond B-3, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Synthesizer)

Moustache Jim & the Straight Razors-Hell Of A Year P,E, I, M

Robinson Caruso Organization UnspeakableThings: TheAlbum, I Sandbox Theater (Organ, E-Piano,Synthesizer)

Rockabye Baby Bon Jovi Songs P,A,I,E CMH

Records Emily Colay Hold On P,E,I (Organ, E-Piano, Synthesizer)

David Greenberger Peanut Duck M,I,E,A on A Tribute To Bad Lyrics …

Chuck Macomber Octopuss Woman(Please Let Me Go)/single I,E,AM on A Tribute To Bad Lyrics …

Woodshop Hot Pants and Leather Boots That Shine/single I,E,AM on A Tribute To Bad Lyrics …

Andrew Crowley Crime Shows/singleE, I,M,P on A Tribute To BadLyrics …

Buzzy Linhart When You’re In Love/single E, I, M, on A Tribute To BadLyrics …

Mythological Horses Skateboard Wizard /single E, I, M, on A Tribute To Bad Lyrics …

Pat Moriarity A Tribute To Bad Lyrics P, E, I, M, C

Allison Raney & The Apple Cellar Trio P, E, M, I (Piano, Keyboards)

Rockabye Baby Home Sweet Home /single P,A,I,E CMH Records

The Pachyderm All-Stars MN Beatle Project I, A Vega Productions (Vocals, Electric Piano,Organ)

The Crestriders Cowabunga Christmas I Loud Folk Records (Surf Organ)

Seigo Masabuchi Seigo Sings P, A, I, M, E

Greg Haugesag Nine/Ten P, E, M, I

St. Dominic’s Trio It Happened In A Bar, Volume 1, I, M

Blasted Boys Melodies In Muetzel Forrest P, E, I, M

Andy Crowley Grasshopper P, E, I, M, C

Greg Haugesag Seven Eight P, E, I, M

Andy Crowley Goldie P, E, I, M, C

Andy Crowley Music To Oink Along With – P, E, M, ICompilation including Michael Loonan, The Jazstronauts, Humbugs

Spikedriver Royola E

AndyCrowley Elements Of Simplicity P, E, I, M, C

Pearl Jam Live at The Garden I, A, M extra on Disc 2,instumental version of”Black”, Epic

The Rouge States Flag Day I

Pet Entertainment Willard Grant Conspiracy 1/23/02 (LiveAt The Turf Club) I w/Robert Fisher & JoshRussell recorded (bootleg) by Dan Lang

CryptoGinko All Jam No Bread I (organ)

The Mammy Nuns Play Somethin’ You Know I 12 songs, SPMC

The SPMC Swingin Party (a musical nod to The Replacements) P, E, M, I, A (p/ Frog, SPMC Sings)

Andy Crowley & the Freaks Of Nature Ground & Caroline No I, A, C 7″ vinyl,

Ear Illusion, Cave Music The Banjo From Hell I

Fat Tuesday Hot Rock Cool Rhythm I, A, C Compilation with Screaming Trees, Living Color, Gumball, Fight, Big Audio Dynomite; Sony Music

Fat Tuesday Minneapolis Does Denver I, A (compilation) producer: JohnFields

Fat Tuesday Crustacean CompilationP, I, A, C (compilation) w/ CrabShack, Mas Optica; Crustacean Records -(hidden bonus track,”Santa Guy”)

Fat Tuesday Clouds I, A, C 7″ vinyl, split w/ Dollface (recorded with Ed Ackerson)

Fat Tuesday Everybody’s Got One I, A, C RedDecibel/Columbia; producer: Tim O’Heir; recorded at Fort Apache Studio, Cambridge MA

Fat Tuesday Certain Damage #52 I, A, C CMJ compilation w/ Tom Waits, AdamSandler, Mathew Sweet Fat Tuesday The Wrap Up Vol. 1 A, C Split 7″ vinyl w/ 27 Various, Lovecarp, High Wires

Fat Tuesday Califuneral I, A, C Red Decibel/Columbia(reissued) producer: Dave Pinsky, Jake Wisely & Fat Tuesday Califuneral I, A, C Jake Wisely & Fat Tuesday; Red Decibel/Columbia;recorded at Gark Recording Studio, Mpls.MN

Fat Tuesday So Much More I, A, C



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